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An Inventory Of The Best Organic Skincare Brands In India

When you’re slathering on generous amounts of a skincare product on your face in the hopes of miraculous results, have you ever stopped mid-way to consider what the cosmetic in your hand comprises of? I think it’s safe to say, that about 70% of the time you’ll discover the answer can be summed up in just 2 words – unknown chemicals. I too have fallen prey to the appeal of complicated-sounding chemical names in my skincare products, purely based on the assumption that they’ll benefit my skin in some way or another. Regular exposure to chemicals laden with toxins will lead to outcomes quite contrary to what you’re expecting. Synthetic colours and fragrances, sulfates and parabens, are common elements of chemical-based skin care products, each of which can potentially translate to adverse consequences for your skin. Let’s just say, the current shift of preference to organic, natural skincare solutions has transpired for a reason.

So, if going organic with your skincare products is something you’ve been considering for a while, this is your sign to go through with that decision. And also your helpful guide to figuring out which natural skincare brands are the best in the Indian market, and worth reaching for! 

Khadi Essentials 

Embracing the original Indian beauty roots of Ayurveda, Khadi Essentials is a beauty brand dedicated to making wonderful skincare products with handpicked purely organic ingredients and only the finest recipes. One of the best natural skin care brands in India at the moment, Khadi Essentials offers you an inventory of rich herbal treatments for all kinds of concerns, starting from the tip of your hair and down to your toe. Not only is Khadi Essentials certified organic, but it’s also a 100% vegan, SLS & Paraben-free brand! 


Arguably one of the most well-known mentions on this list of the best all natural beauty brands in India, Biotique prides itself on bringing together all the skincare wisdom first derived by the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda, and subsequently passed down through generations of Indian families. Bridging the beauty gap between the East and the West, this Indian beauty brand has been supplying us with fully organic and preservative-free products, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, for a while now!

Kama Ayurveda 

Founded in Delhi in 2002, Kama Ayurveda is another stellar brand centred around the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda. Their entire portfolio is packed with purely natural products intended to solve a plethora of skin and hair concerns, each of which is a cent per cent free of artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals. Taking the strive for sustainability in the beauty industry a notch further, Kama Ayurveda also ties up with local forest communities, small-scale farmers and artisans, for sourcing their nourishing natural ingredients. 

Juicy Chemistry 

With the primary aim of achieving the perfect harmony between body, mind and soul, Juicy Chemistry stands apart as one of the finest and best organic beauty brands in India. All Juicy Chemistry products are certified organic by COSMOS, the highest global standard within the beauty industry. What this means is, every bit of their high-quality products, right from how the ingredients are sourced to the packaging process, is thoughtfully planned to be organically helpful for your skin, along with the planet! 

Organic Harvest 

When a brand has the word “organic” in its very name, suffice it to say, that’s a high priority goal for the label. And this is particularly true in the case of Organic Harvest. The brand’s inventory of products only lists natural ingredients, cultivated from plants without using any hazardous chemical fertilisers. Instead, Organic Harvest employs magical all-organic raw materials, certified by global organisations like EcoCert, OneCert and Natrue. It’s because of this dedication to sustainable and organic beauty that Organic Harvest has won several accolades over the years, including “Wellness Retailer of the Year” and “Green Business of the Year”. 

Plum Goodness 

Plum has successfully carved its niche as a trusted Indian beauty brand offering all-organic, vegan and sustainable skin and haircare products. Plum gives you access to carefully crafted and powerful potions, that are also entirely free of parabens, phthalates, PABA and all other harmful chemicals. Plum is frequently touted to be the first 100% vegan beauty brand to emerge in India. Their whole range is also highly pocket-friendly, making safe, organic beauty more accessible for the masses. 


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