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Growing Love For Organic Skin Care In India

Beauty conscious people and skincare lovers are now moving towards organic and vegan products. These products are chemical free, are long lasting and act as great food for the skin. Consumers are increasingly aware of what goes into making the products. Organic and vegan products are the new must-haves that beauty conscious people and skincare lovers are rooting for.

While some brands have been able to spot and bank on the gaping gap in the variety available, consumers are becoming more receptive to know the importance of using chemical-free products with right ingredients on their body. The rise in organic brands is driven by consumers who are increasingly becoming aware of what goes into the making of the products they are using, and what are the long-terms effects on their overall well-being. This increasing consciousness has led to a growing demand for more natural and sustainable substitutes in many industries.

Organic skin products have long lasting results and act as a great skin food too. In India, the organic beauty industry is growing and is at a nascent phase. It is said that skincare products are like skin food, which absorbs both the good and the bad… Choice is ours – organic nutrients or the chemicals. Organic products are certified from global organisations like EcoCert, OneCert and Natrue. India’s market for skin care is growing at a rate of 13-18 per cent every year and it’s more than the US and Europe industry.

The organic products have a different kind of preservative which is plant-derived. Their shelf life is less than chemical-based cosmetics, but is long enough to allow their use on a comfortable period. But there are some precautions that can help to expand the life of the organic products — like storing them in cool and away from humidity, use product with the help of clean make-up tool. Having said that, a lot of products like oils and ubtans are self preserving as they do not have any water content, so they do not need preservation. Preservation is needed only when there is water content in the product because of which bacteria can develop.


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