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How To Choose The Best Skin Care For Combination Skin

If you have combiation skin, this article is made for you! We share our tips to tell if you have combination or oily skin, the common mistakes to avoid and the good skincare habits to adopt.

What is combination skin?

As its name suggests, combination skin is a combination of several skin types: it combines both dry and oily areas, which are often accompanied by enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and some blemishes. Combination skin tends to shine on the T-zone, while it is usually drier on the cheeks and the rest of the face, sometimes with real feelings of discomfort and tightness.

Combination or oily skin?

Combination skin has shines, enlarged pores and imperfections only on the T-zone, while oily skin suffers from excess oil on the entire face and has no areas of dryness. If your cheeks tend to shine it means your skin is oily.


  1. T-zone tends to be oily and shines
  2. Have visible pores, uneven skin tone and some blemishes
  3. Cheeks are rather dry, dehydrated
  4. Skin is more dry in winter and oily in summer

Combination skin : 3 common mistakes to avoid

1. Harassing your T zone using harsh, astringent and abrasive purifying skincare products, which will cause the skin to react by overproducing sebum to protect itself.

2. Neglecting the hydration of your skin to avoid making it more oily

3. Apply rich and comedogenic cosmetics that will clog pores

5 life changing skincare habits for combination skin

1. Adopt double cleansing with a cleansing oil followed by a mild cleanser: the best way to remove all impurities while rebalancing the skin.

2. Choose anon-comedogenic moisturizer with a light, non-greasy texture that does not clog your pores. And why not choose an organic face oil, ideal for regulating the skin.

3. Moisturize your skin with a gel serum based on hyaluronic acid or aloe vera

4. Apply spot treatment sparingly, only on the affected areas and not on the entire face.

5. Opt for multi-masking: once a week, apply a purifying mask on the T-zone and a moisturizing mask on the cheeks and the rest of the face.

The best natural ingredients for combination skin

Which oil for combination skin?

Choose a non-comedogenic organic vegetable oil (with a comedogenicity index between 0 and 2 maximum). Prefer oils with regulating properties, which easily penetrate the epidermis without a greasy finish. For istance: Jojoba, hazelnut, grape seed, sesame, safflower. Essential oils for combination skin: geranium, rosemary, lavender, lemon, ylang ylang, tea tree.

How to cleanse combination skin?

The goal: Eliminate impurities gently, to avoid stripping off the skin. In the evening opt for the double cleansing method: Contrary to popular belief, oil cleansing is very beneficial for combination skin and helps to regulate the excess of sebum on the T zone while restoring the hydrolipidic film. Follow by by a mild organic facial cleanser for a perfectly clean skin, then a toner to neutralize the drying effect of limestone, moisturize and rebalance the skin.

Which moisturizer for combination skin?

Choose a non-comedogenic organic moisturizer suitable for combination skin. Select a formula that also meets the other concerns of our skin: sensitive, dehydrated, acne prone. The good idea? Opt for an organic face oil with balancing properties, which will nourish the skin without a greasy effect. With their compositon very close to the human sebum, oils have an excellent affinity with the skin and help regulate sebum excess.

Which serum for combination skin?

An organic face serum will help treat a specific skin concern. In addition to combination skin you may also suffer from dehydration, acne, sensitivity. Choose a serum that will remedy this, and apply just before your face cream or oil! Your skin feels tight and uncomfortable? Apply a non-greasy moisturizing serum based on hyaluronic acid or aloe vera. You have blemishes, enlarged pores, acne? Treat them locally with a purifying serum or spot treatment, applied only on the affected areas.


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